1916-S $5 Indian PCGS MS63

1916s $5 PCGS MS631916-S $5 Indian PCGS MS63

The $5 Indian series has long been one of my personal favorites. Unlike most other coins issued by the United States, the design elements of the coin are incused, meaning that instead of the head, eagle and lettering of the coin being raised above the surface of the coin, they are actually recessed into the fields making the fields of the coin the key in assigning grade level.

Early in the series release the coin was not accepted by the general public as is was feared that the recessed design would allow for the spreading of disease. But over time the rumors were discredited and the design gained acceptance. In 1916 the $5 Indian was only produced at the San Francisco mint; the first time in US history that a gold denomination was struck only at a branch mint. The coin offered has a warm golden glow with smooth surfaces and gleaming luster. A very attractive coin! $7100


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