About Us


My name is Tom Hawkins and I am the owner and numismatist at Lake Houston Coin & Bullion.


Hawkins Family - Rare CoinsI have been involved with coins for over 43 years dating back to my 8th birthday when I was given a tube of wheat cents and one of those old time Whitman blue folders by a family friend. I can’t explain why or how, but that small group of common date coins sparked an interest. I began to look through change to fill the holes in that book.  While searching I began to notice that there were many different coin designs and compositions in every day pocket change. I began to ask for extra chores around the house to help fund my new found interest. During this time I met a man by the name of Herman Schmidt that owned a small coin and hobby shop not far from my home. Mr. Herman, as most people called him, became my early mentor taking the time to talk “coins” and show me numerous examples of early type coins he had for sale.  It would not be unusual for Mr. Herman to swing open his 6ft tall, double door safe and tell me to feel free to look and learn. Imagine what a treat it was for a young collector to have that sort of access to what seemed like a never ending inventory. Unfortunately my parents were not familiar with coins and often wondered if I had a clue as to what I was buying and whether or not I was wasting my time working on collecting coins.  They soon realized that I had caught the collecting bug and, for me, there was no cure. I was hooked and even today I consider myself a collector at heart.

I began dealing in rare coins in the early 1990’s when I answered an ad in a weekly coin publication by a Houston area dealer who was looking to hire a coin salesman.  Within a couple of weeks of responding to the ad I had interviewed and accepted a job to work for the Houston office of  James Blanchard’s new company; Jefferson Coin & Bullion. Since then I have had the privilege and honor to work with, and learn from, some of most respected and widely known collectors and dealers in the business. In the fall of 2004, I began to realize that in order for me to perform at my very best for my clients, I had to branch out on my own.  With the help and guidance of several of my long-time friends in the business, I opened Lake Houston Coin & Bullion in March of 2005.

During my career I have had the opportunity to place some of the rarest, finest known US coins. Many of my clients have achieved top rankings within the PCGS and NGC set registries.  Some of the sets attaining finest-known positions include Proof Indian Cents,Proof and Mint State 2 Cent Pieces, Proof 3 Cent Pieces in both silver and nickel, Proof and Mint State Shield Nickels, Mint State Washington Quarters, Proof Barber Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Proof and Mint State Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, as well as the finest known certified set of Proof 20th Century Gold Type. I have also had the privilege to build one of the finest known sets of Morgan Dollars for a west coast client that does not participate in the registries.

While some clients consider their activity more collecting then investing, an even larger percentage of clients are looking for safe havens and “wealth” insurance from the current uncertain financial conditions. Experience and market knowledge has allowed me the luxury to address their needs, and meet or exceed their goals as well, by using a customized portfolio approach to build precious metals positions tailored to meet their specific goals.

Personally I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Robin, for over 29 years and we have been blessed with 2 wonderful children. Our son, Austin, is 14 and a freshman in high school and is active in golf and enjoys video games. Our daughter, Kaitlyn, is 8 and is a 3rd grader and she enjoys playing basketball at church, drawing and creating crafts, and anything American Girl.We also have a cocker spaniel named Beau who is 6 years old and thinks he is a kid as well. We enjoy traveling together as a family and take every opportunity to “hit the road” as often as possible. Some of our favorite spots to visit include Florida, Tennessee, Colorado and California.

We are blessed and privileged to be members of a GOD lead and spirit-filled church family, Second Baptist Houston North Campus and continue to enjoy active involvement within our church that includes teaching 3 year olds about Jesus on Sunday morning. My priorities will continue to be found and centered in my Faith, Family and Business.

Over my 20 plus years of being a dealer, I have handled over $80 million in rare coins and precious metals. I look forward to, and thank you for, the opportunity to earn your business.

Tom Hawkins