Honda san anime

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There are dozens of honda san anime where the whole essence is conveyed solely by visual performance. Such anime are doomed to either recognition or failure.

Beautiful outside, and what is inside

A honda san anime introduce you to the world or Lore here at all. It begins, as it seems to developers, the gameplay, which should be the key point. If in the same Journey there were several mechanics who had evolved and pushed for the study of the location, then here it simply does not exist. The mechanics of the honda san anime does not carry anything at all, acsept walking and pushing objects. In this case, you can contact with the outside world with the help of sound.

There are puzzles here, the logic of which cannot be traced either before the start of the puzzle, or in the process of solving it. And in general, the essence of the puzzle is reduced only to the fact that you either need to find something like a weather honda san anime, or release the bird, or find the right passage, or roll the ball to a certain place. It seems nothing, but you can start the puzzle only after a grueling search for how to do it. In other words, to start a puzzle, you must first break your head. At the same time, this is not the case when the difficulty challenges – it just tires and delays the gameplay.

At the same time, the game has an excellent visual, a very beautiful picture and atmosphere. There are great ideas with changing the landscape right in front of you, there is even a storm that carries danger, some NPCs. It has everything to be a great game, but none of this works together. This is the main problem of honda san anime – it simply does not fulfill its functions as a work of game art, for the title of which it claims. The dynamics closer to the final falls completely, and the desire to finish these two hours is not at all. Puzzles are meaningless and boring, the mechanics delays the process, and no narrative is transmitted from the screen.